Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More vintage flower brooch bouquets!!!!

Would you like to have a peek?! Here they are!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I got the close-ups! Totally stunning! Thank you so much Monkeygraphy. Garden of Happiness 4 and Garden of Happiness 5 are finally on sale! Yay! If you like what you see here, go check my Etsy store!
Have a great day, everyone!

Garden of Happiness 4

Garden of Happiness 4

Garden of Hapiness 4

Garden of Happiness 5

Garden of Happiness 5

Garden of Happiness 5

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Gotta love my photographer!

Here are some new shots he's just sent to me and I absolutely love them (my new brooch bouquets GARDEN OF HAPPINESS 4, GARDEN OF HAPPINESS 5, EVER AFTER 2)

Garden of Happiness 4

Garden of Happiness 4

Garden of Happiness 5

Garden of Happiness 5

Garden of Happiness 5

Ever after 2

Ever after 2

Thank you so much Monkeygraphy, I can wait to see the rest!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

VERSAILLE in full white

Just made it for a lady who is getting married next month. I even prefer it to the original 'VERSAILLE' headdress I made. The original design was in cream, but my lady wanted it in full white, and she wanted that all the pearl embellishments was changed to crystals. So here it is. I needed to change the bleached peacock swords to trimmed ostrich plumes, too, as it's impossible to find full white peacock swords. I couldn't believe trimmed ostrich plumes can look that good!

I found gorgeous lace & sequin trim and a vintage japanese velvet leaf for it. A white open satin rose, three of my signature dupioni silk rolled rosettes, lots of tulle (I love tulle!) and here comes the beauty.

Sent the photos to Niki and she said she loves it. I am so excited to know what she thinks once she sees it in person.

If you like it, I think I can make it in the colour you want, check my etsy listing for a 'VERSAILLE' custom order and send me a note...

Hope everyone is enjoying summer. It's so warm here, so lovely!

Monday, 21 June 2010

SNEAK PEEK : Garden of Happiness 4

Finally it's here! I still need to wait for the professional photos to come back but here are some of my shots. This cheerful bouquet will be available in my etsy shop soon, and here is another good news, it'll be on special price. Why? Because my birthday is coming!!!

So if you like it, check my Etsy store once in a while. I'll list it in my Etsy as soon as I receive my photos.

Have a great week, everyone!

Monday, 14 June 2010

CREAMY EDEN - personalised vintage brooch bouquet

Here is another new creation of mine : CREAMY EDEN - a personalised bridal bouquet made of vintage brooches and earrings and more...

This bouquet is made of a collection of vintage brooches and earrings in all shades of yummy cream, with a little bit of gold accent and well, may be a tiny bit of french vanilla or milky coffe :). There are some quite old pieces dated back to the 1940's which I love! It was actually really hard to part with my carved celluloid flowers - roses and some lacey ones but I thought they'd go really well in this bouquet, so may be this is a better place for them.

To match with the cream theme, I used many cultured pearls also in shades of cream in the bouquet which make it shinier, and creamy tulle here and there for a dreamy look.

The bouquet is surrounded by beautiful hand ruffled light cream jacquard ribbon and backed with plenty of matching light cream tulle for a 'petitskirt' effect.

The handle is wrapped with the same jacquard ribbon and at the end of it a beautiful shiny cream habutai silk bow is attached (this is however detachable if you choose not to have it).
The most interesting part of this bouquet is that it can be personalised. The other day I came across two very old vintage cameo settings which I couldn't just go pass. In fact this bouquet was firstly inspired by those oldies! I made two tiny paded cushion-likes to fit in these settings so later on I can offer my brides to hand-embroider their monogram and wedding date on them.

Look at the above picture! I try to photoshop it so you can get an idea how the bouquet would look in the end. Well, I will be embroidering it by hand and those cushions are small so I am afraid you you can't choose the font - it'll be my handwritting :) but I am sure it'll be beautiful - I have been hand embroidering sice I was 8. You can choose the colour for the monogram, though.

What do you think?
If you want this, you're welcome to visit my Etsy store now an then, I'll list this bouquet as soon as I find some free time.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hairbowswonderworld : A little bit of everything - PART I : BOUQUET

So, in the past years I'd been working hard to provide a wide range of products to my brides. I am pretty chuffed about what I've achieved so far I decided to blog about it :) This first part is all about bouquets, which I am able to offer my customers.
As the tittle said itself - a little bit of everything! Well, except fresh flowers :) but these look fresh just as real flower isn't it right?

These "bold & bright" flower brooch bouquet pictured below are what I've made for my vintage loving brides. All are sold including my bouquet serie "Garden of Happiness" but I am very glad to announce that Garden of Happiness 4 and Garden of Happiness 5 are going to be released soon! I used vintage brooches and earrings in these bouquets, but not just everything or any kind of brooches. I used mostly enamel flowers and rhinestone brooches with flower shapes with bright, cheerful colours and some quality glass lampwork flowers or czech glass flowers as fillers. Each bouquet has its own unique backing. If you like that type of bouquets pleasee feel free to visit my shop. If you don't see anything like these listed (meant sold out!) just convo me for a possible custom order!

Brooch Bouquets : Bold & Bright

Below are another type of brooch bouquets which are focussed more on a certain theme, or colour scheme.

Brooch Bouquets : Theme

These bouquets (in the next picture) are made with either seashells or sinamay, or both! I also used pearls, feathers, silk and lace for more variety and texture. If you have any other material that you want to use, simply let me know and I bet we can work things out together. You design and I'll make it! I will be more than happy, trying to bring your vision to life!

Seashell & Sinamay Bouquets

This Shabby Chic style is my best seller so far. Fabric flowers, cut, frayed and shaped by hands are arranged into bouquet together with either pearls, lace or feathers. So vintage, so whimsical!

Shabby Chic Bouquets
I also carry a wild range of fabric flower bouquet in my shop. Either a type of life-like handmade fabric flower bouquet, or a more abstract style, such as bouquets made of my signature rolled rosettes, the possibilities of colours and types of flowers used are endless.

Fabric Flower Bouquets
If you want something luxury, unique , light and floating, there are feather bouquets. You can have it custom made in many different colour schemes and different sizes and shapes.

Feather Bouquets
Last but not least are my ribbon flower bouquets including some of my very unique designs such as Lotus, Orchid, Peony and Gardenia. These bouquets require very precise work and technique, a lot of time and patience. But in the end there will be something beautiful.
Ribbon Flower Bouquets

It's actually very hard to divide those bouquets into groups as I've done above. There are bouquets which have a little bit of everything and indeed a combination of two or more styles listed above. I am still exploring and hope I can introduce some new types this autumn.

If you like what you see here, please check back my blog once in a while for PART 2 : Hair Accessories.

Wishing everyone a bright and happy weekend!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

STATEMENT NECKLACES - Asymmetrical Beauty

I wanted something modern but still girly for these vintage inspired statement necklaces - so I decided to go asymmetric. These are my favs - some are gone, some are still in my Etsy store but I can't help bragging about them here, I just love how they turned out.
This Princess necklace was constructed with handmade ivory silk rolled rosettes, some have ivory tulle mixed in for a dreamy feel. The focal point is a pearly white vintage enamel flower and I used a beautiful vintage thermoset link bracelet with AB rhinestones on one side of the necklace while on the other side is a chain of three rosettes. Fastened with a hook and a suspended chain, so the length of the necklace is adjustable depending on where you place the hook.


(In my Etsy: )

This Black Couture necklace was a custom project. I made it for a lovely lady from Canada. Honestly I must say this is not my creation but her and my creation! Thank you Helen! This lady loved my Princess necklace but she wanted something in black. Helen was inspired by the Coco Chanel black lacey statement necklace but she wanted something more romantic, girly and asymmetric. So, more lace for her necklace and as this lady loved Sarah Coventry, I used the Sarah Coventry's Silvery Sunburst brooch for her necklace, together with lots of grey cultured pearls. This lovely lady even chose the vintage black thermoset necklace herself to add to the necklace. All together they made a dreamy combination. The length of this necklace is adjustable so she can wear it low or high. I was so happy when she convoed me saying she really enjoyed her new necklace. Yay!

Black Couture

Black Couture

This Pretty in Pink was made in the same style for a beautiful freshly wed lady from England. She has the most gorgeous big curly blond hair I've ever seen. She wanted something in dusty pink and light cream and here it is. Instead of a big vintage flower I made a huge bloom with plenty of silk blended taffeta petals together with tulles and a sparkly rhinestone center. I have the feeling it'll go better with her beautiful hair.

Pretty in Pink
Again, lots of lace was used and on one side is a sweet vintage flowery link necklace with rhinestones in tghe flowers centers. I used one link for the flower cluster to make a connection, too.

Pretty in Pink

And this Sunlight necklace is my baby! It made its way to the front page of Etsy a while ago. The flowery grey/white fabric used in this necklace is simply pretty and I love the colour combination. So bright and cheerful yet graceful and elegant. I still have yards of this fabric and another custom made of this design is totally possible. This can be a perfect bridesmaid's gift.


(In my Etsy : )

I saw some lovely YELLOW & GREY wedding inspiration boards in 'The Perfect Palette" blog and thought how beautifully this necklace will go together in a yellow and grey wedding - those trendy colors for 2010 summer ...

You Are My Sunshine : A Palette of Yelow & Gray

Source : The Perfect Palette

Gray and Shades of Yellow

Source : The Perfect Palette
I really like these asymmetric necklaces I think I'll make a bunch more whenever I've got some free time again :)
Have a nice day everyone!