Wednesday, 23 June 2010

VERSAILLE in full white

Just made it for a lady who is getting married next month. I even prefer it to the original 'VERSAILLE' headdress I made. The original design was in cream, but my lady wanted it in full white, and she wanted that all the pearl embellishments was changed to crystals. So here it is. I needed to change the bleached peacock swords to trimmed ostrich plumes, too, as it's impossible to find full white peacock swords. I couldn't believe trimmed ostrich plumes can look that good!

I found gorgeous lace & sequin trim and a vintage japanese velvet leaf for it. A white open satin rose, three of my signature dupioni silk rolled rosettes, lots of tulle (I love tulle!) and here comes the beauty.

Sent the photos to Niki and she said she loves it. I am so excited to know what she thinks once she sees it in person.

If you like it, I think I can make it in the colour you want, check my etsy listing for a 'VERSAILLE' custom order and send me a note...

Hope everyone is enjoying summer. It's so warm here, so lovely!

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