Sunday, 29 August 2010


Thank you so much everyone for participating in my giveaway August 15th 2010- August 25th 2010!

Finally, we've got a winner ! Yay!!!

As the rules stated, you can have multiple entries. I gave each entry a number following the order you entered.

Punkynmunky: 1-5
Julia : 6
Avalonn83: 7
Fisiwoman: 8-15
Angie: 17-19
Mom2girls: 20-21
Raquel: 22-24
Charmily: 25-27
Amber: 28-31
AmberRose: 32
Kelly: 33-35
Daph: 36
Liz: 37-38
Picnuts: 39
Julia (customcuteness): 40-42
Carmilla: 43
Danielle: 44
Deb: 45
Danielle: 46
Danielle: 48
Jessica: 49-54
Fisiwoman: 55-56
Deanna: 57
Stunning: 58-59
Samantha: 60-61
IK: 62-66
Jakiemom: 67-69
Kristine: 70
Fisiwoman: 71-72
L: 73-74
BunnyB: 75-79
Lyudmilla: 80-84
Fisiwoman: 85-86
Silenti: 87
Lubasa: 88-94
Jasmine1475: 95-97
OONA: 98
TheGreenmomster: 99
Fisiwoman: 100-101
Jencardenas: 102
Lizzi: 103-104
Samantha: 105-108
Aik: 109-113
Fisiwoman: 114-115
Asuka: 116-118
Fisiwoman: 119-122
Dhesh: 123
Fisiwoman: 124-125
Shairbearg: 126-128
Fisiwoman: 129-130
The lucky number is randomly chosen by 'True Random Number Generator'

It selected number 18!

Yay! Angie, you won!

For all other participants: The 3-in-1 white rose is available as made to order in my shop and I offer 20% off the original price to all my giveaway participant if you want it. Simply convo me on Etsy and let me know your blogger ID and let me know you participated in this giveaway for a reserved listing with special price.

Thanks so much everybody once again. Please check my blog for other events coming up!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Facebook Fanpage Launch Celebration continues!!! TUTORIAL GIVEAWAY! Yay!

Thank you so much everyone for participating in my facebook launch flower giveaway! I will post the winner on Sunday in a separate blog post.

However I decided to continue the celebration for a full month.

This week I am going to give away my owl ribbon sculpture tutorial to the first 20 lucky participants. I hope it's something you can make for halloween!

Here are the rules:

1/ you must not already my facebook fan

2/ fan me on facebook - (you will get all updates in my store including specials on new instructions/tutorials for my FB fans :) )

3/ come back here and leave a comment to let me know

4/The first 20 comments will get it free - Let me know your email I'll send you the PDF

5/This giveaway will last a full week until next Friday Sept.9th. If you are not in the first 20 and still want the tut, leave a comment here I'll list it for you in my Etsy for half the price!

Lets play and have fun! Thanks everyone :)!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Woodland Goddess Wedding

Found my ranuncula in this stunning fall wedding treasury and just wanted to share.

I'd appreciate it so much if you guys come visit it, click and comment :)

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

UPDATE - Bridal Bouquets on SALE !!!!

Hairbowswonderworld is having a huge bridal bouquets SALE.

Desperately in need of space for my new collection, I am offering suprisingly low prices for all bouquet samples in my shop. The prices don't reflect the quality of these pretty bouquets. They just need to go. So if you've been watching my bouquets on Etsy but felt that the prices were a bit out of your budget, now it's the chance to have your dream bouquet at a fraction of its price.

There is only one each and when they're gone there won't be no more sale on these designs. Any custom made bouquet of these designs will be on full price.





Sunday, 15 August 2010


Hello to all my blog readers!

I am launching my Facebook Fanpage so to celebrate I decided to offer this beautiful flower as a giveaway. It's listed in my Etsy and valued at $79
You will receive this Flower which is attached to a brooch bar AND an alligator clip, and a covered thin headband with a ribbon loop so you can put the flower on the headband. So you can wear this as a hairclip, a brooch, a headband or even as a dress sash (simply pin it on a long wide ribbon and tie around the waist - the ribbon is not included though)

Now, here are the rules :)

* The last day to enter this Facebook Fanpage Launch Giveaway is August 25th 2010.

* It's easy to enter and there is no limit of the number of your entries

To enter the draw:

*Follow my blog then leave a comment here to let me know : 1 entry

*Fan me on Facebbok - you'll find the button on the top left corner of this blog to click on - then leave a comment here to let me know : 1 entry

* Visit my blog and leave a comment in your favorist post - come back here and let me know (1 entry)

*Visit my etsy store, leave a comment here to tell me what you would like to see more in my shop or what you would like to see in my shop but couldn't find (1 entry)

*Follow me on twitter, leave a coment here to let me know (1 entry)

* Link this giveaway in your blog post, tweet about it on tweeter, post it on your website or facebook it, leave a comment here to let me know (Each earns you 2 entries)

* Write a shot paragraph, post the picture to feature this giveaway in your blog, leave a comment to let me know (3 entries)

* The winner will be randomly chosen amongst the entries

IMPORTANT! Please leave your email adress so I can contact you if you win. Or you can convo me on Etsy to let me know your email address.

Hope you have fun and good luck!


I've just made this bouquet which is totally dedicated to Fall, my favorite season of the year. Took some pictures with my old, loyal, horrible Sony Cybershot hence the photos are not very civilised :). But if you want some sneak peeks here they are :

Hot fall colour vintage brooches and earrings, some with rhinestones, trimmed ostrich spines, handtired style bouquet with stems sticking out from raffia wrap, burlap cloth leaves backing and a copper stamping embellishment. How I love these upcycled bouquets which will last fresh forever. Immagine how nicely they could be displayed in your home after the wedding?

I am launching my new FB fanpage and I ll be giving away a beautiful item soon here, so make sure to check back this blog. I am posting it soon. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

SNEAK PEEK : Hairbowswonderworld's new flowers

These beautiful flowers will be available in my shop very soon. And more!