Monday, 27 September 2010

Something just for fun...

Accidentally found this chunky pink vintage choker in my stash and saw potentials...
So I searched another drawer and found the perfect matching pink lace...
And a beautiful vintage enameled flower pin...

...all're then repurposed into a new story!


Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Brittnie + Vernon: A Gainesville Wedding

I made the bouquets for Brittnie, her Bridesmaids and the boutonieres for her man party, a while ago. It was a pleasant surprise I came across the awesome photo blog of Russell Martin Photography and found these beautiful photos of her wedding! This is the most charming wedding I've ever seen and Russell Martin Photography had captured wonderful moments.
Check out Russell Martin Photography's blog for full story :

Congrats Brittnie and Vernon and wish you all the best!
Thank you Russell Martin Photography for taking so beautiful photos :)!

Thursday, 23 September 2010


So,here is the result of my extra hour work last night - 5 clusters of hydrangeas in shades of blue and green - about 10 dozens of single bloom. The silk was specially treated then every single petal was hand cut, then sewn together, added a bead and finally was handwired together into clusters. It was so late when I finished and I was terribly tired and sleepy and my fingers hurt but I was so happy with them.

They are meant for this bouquet. I made this bouquet a while ago as a part of an order. My bride wanted white roses with some cymbidium orchids and clusters of hydrangeas. Her colours are white, light green and light blue. When this bouquet came out, I sent her a lot of photos of it and she was very happy. She's happy so I should be happy, right?! The bouquet was sitting there waiting for other parts of the order to be ready so they can go together. I liked it a lot, but something kept bothering me. At first I didn't think of any reason, but finally I found that the hydrangeas were not convincing.

So for my own sake :) I decided to do them again. And here they are. I hope Andrea will love it when she sees them. They will replace the old hydrangers in the bouquets and I will add some more crystals to the bouquet, too. I feel much better now. In fact I like them so much I am thinking of offering them in my Etsy shop as handtied hydrangea bouquets (with stems sticking out from the tied ribbon) in custom colours with customer's choice of ribbon colours, too. Is it a good idea? How about this? :-)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

In love with Cameo

So, as you can tell, I have recently been rather obsessed with brooch bouquets. You may already got fed up with my blog posts. Here is however something different.
A while ago I was contacted by a bride who said she wanted a bouquet in white similar to my Calypso bouquet but without the seashells. And she said she loved Cameos. She wanted one in the bouquet and one on the handle. Her wedding dress would be in white and black with scallop edged lace, so we agreed on some black and lace accents in the bouquets.
And here is how her bouquet came out. White sinamay roses with pearl and swarovski crystal centers, hand curled white goose biots, handwired pearl and swarovski crystal picks, lace leaf aplique's, dainty black stripped beaded hackle feathers, and 2 beautiful cameos! The handle was embelished with beautiful scallop edged bridal lace and a white velvet bow with a black/white cameo brooch in the center.
I really liked hhow it turned out, so did my bride. How do you think?
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

EVER AFTER 3 - handtied brooch bouquet

The 'Ever After 2' was such a hit, and my bride totally loved it, so I kept looking around for Sarah Coventry 'Fashion Petal' Pins for another 'Ever After'. And finally it's here :) Not quite the same, but this is another brooch bouquet in this 'handtied' series.
Totally different from other brooch bouquets of mine with the only exception of the 'Fall Fiesta' (and other brooch bouquets available out there :) ), with this one I strived for a natural look. The daisy pins were too pretty - that was the reason. So I gave each pin a stem and tied them together in a flexible, lazy way but with super gorgeous 100% silk ribbon, with the ends of the stems sticking out.
More interestingly, I found beautiful matching tiny flower fillers for this bouquet to make it look more natural - glass lampwork flower buds, vintage rhinestone button and czech glass pressed flowers which were handwired together to resemble clusters of hydrangeas...
Do you like the end result? Please leave a comment :)
Thanks so much for peeking everyone. Have a great day!

Monday, 20 September 2010


Here are some more pretty shots which Monkeygraphy did for my 'MORNING BREEZE' brooch bouquet. This is one of my favorites. Mostly white, with some green accents, super sparkly with rhinestones and the enamel finish of the flower pins, long, sleek satin ribbon streamers, this bouquet looks quite classic yet still has the innovative element because of the materials themself.

No doubt this is one of my all time favorites.
Have a happy and productive Monday everyone :)!

Sunday, 19 September 2010


So, finally I've got these new photos for my Fall Fiesta Bouquet. Love all of them. Thank you so much MonkeyGraphy Team!!!
Hope you enjoy what you see here, and in case you're interested, this bouquet's available in my Etsy shop
Hope everyone had a great Weekend...

Friday, 17 September 2010

A new flower for your hair : Dahlia

Now you can have Dahlia for your hair in all seasons of the year. I made this delicate flower from 100% crepe silk in blush pink and mounted it on a sinamay base together with some lace leaf appliques and two hand trimmed and hand curled ostrich plumes. This mini hat is attached to a clear comb and a super skinny headband (which you can possibly hide under your hair) for an easy and secure placement.

If you like it check out my etsy store :) . This is available as a single flower itself or on a clip, too. Simply convo me for a custom order.

Other types of Dahlia are coming soon!!! Yay!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bridesmaids bouquets which can be lovely bridesmaids gifts...

as they will stay fresh forever!

Hair Bows Wonderworld has added single stem rose bouquet in the Etsy shop. More choices for your bridesmaids. And imagine how these flowers will make their dressers prettier after the wedding. Simply put them in a slim simple vase.

Currently I have single stem lotus (handmade from ribbon) and single stem rose (handmade from 100% dupioni silk) bouquets in my shop. But if you want another flower type simply convo me on Etsy so we can discuss.
These bouquets will come to you in beautiful boxes, ready for gift giving. How handy with these bouquets you will check 2 boxes in your wedding to-do list - bridesmaids bouquets and bridesmaids gift. And another good thing they won't drain your budget. The prices of these single stems bouquets are much lower compared to regular ones.

If you are not so keen with flowers, feather bouquet can be a nice alternative. I've just made this feather bridesmaids bouquet for a client and as I love how it turned out I think I'll be adding quite a few new designs of feather bouquets for bridesmaids to my shop soon.

Thanks everyone for peeking - hope you enjoy this pot.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


...had gone to a good home before I received these lovely pictures from my photographer. So I couldn't revise my etsy listing and put these pretty photos on there :) I love this brooch bouquet so much! Tons of sparkles. Love the pink! Love how french-y it looks. So I thought I'd post these pictures here anyway. Enjoy!