Thursday, 23 September 2010


So,here is the result of my extra hour work last night - 5 clusters of hydrangeas in shades of blue and green - about 10 dozens of single bloom. The silk was specially treated then every single petal was hand cut, then sewn together, added a bead and finally was handwired together into clusters. It was so late when I finished and I was terribly tired and sleepy and my fingers hurt but I was so happy with them.

They are meant for this bouquet. I made this bouquet a while ago as a part of an order. My bride wanted white roses with some cymbidium orchids and clusters of hydrangeas. Her colours are white, light green and light blue. When this bouquet came out, I sent her a lot of photos of it and she was very happy. She's happy so I should be happy, right?! The bouquet was sitting there waiting for other parts of the order to be ready so they can go together. I liked it a lot, but something kept bothering me. At first I didn't think of any reason, but finally I found that the hydrangeas were not convincing.

So for my own sake :) I decided to do them again. And here they are. I hope Andrea will love it when she sees them. They will replace the old hydrangers in the bouquets and I will add some more crystals to the bouquet, too. I feel much better now. In fact I like them so much I am thinking of offering them in my Etsy shop as handtied hydrangea bouquets (with stems sticking out from the tied ribbon) in custom colours with customer's choice of ribbon colours, too. Is it a good idea? How about this? :-)


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