Tuesday, 21 September 2010

EVER AFTER 3 - handtied brooch bouquet

The 'Ever After 2' was such a hit, and my bride totally loved it, so I kept looking around for Sarah Coventry 'Fashion Petal' Pins for another 'Ever After'. And finally it's here :) Not quite the same, but this is another brooch bouquet in this 'handtied' series.
Totally different from other brooch bouquets of mine with the only exception of the 'Fall Fiesta' (and other brooch bouquets available out there :) ), with this one I strived for a natural look. The daisy pins were too pretty - that was the reason. So I gave each pin a stem and tied them together in a flexible, lazy way but with super gorgeous 100% silk ribbon, with the ends of the stems sticking out.
More interestingly, I found beautiful matching tiny flower fillers for this bouquet to make it look more natural - glass lampwork flower buds, vintage rhinestone button and czech glass pressed flowers which were handwired together to resemble clusters of hydrangeas...
Do you like the end result? Please leave a comment :)
Thanks so much for peeking everyone. Have a great day!

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