Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wendy - the Master of Ribbon Sculptures.

I am so thrilled when Wendy @ punkynmunky on etsy agreed to be my weekend guest this week although she is so busy. I love her work and her personality, too, being lucky to get to know her as an online friend. If you just click on the link above to visit her shop, you will see a whole new amazing world of ribbon. I am just in awe of her ribbon sculptures, especially the little people, so cute, so lively and I always bow myself down with her attention to details in every single piece of her work!. Let's meet Wendy, the magician who blows a soul into little ribbon people and gives them a life!

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Wendy, I am 39 years old (ack!), I am a wife and a mom to two adorable children that I affectionately nicknamed Punky (short for Pumpkin Pie) and Munky(short for Munchkin Man). So that should explain the name of my shop.
I started crafting as a girl when I learned to crochet from my Great Grandmother. I’ve done all kinds of different crafts since then, sewing, knitting, beading, scrapbooking, candle making, cake decorating, decoupage, etc. You name it I have probably tried it! I am one of those people that look at something and automatically think of the process of how it’s made and if I’d like to do it! Since having kids though I have also learned that I just have the time to learn all the crafts and will rather purchase something instead of trying to make it myself all the time LOL!. What’s stuck with me over this time has been crochet, sewing, and my current love, working with ribbon to make hair accessories and ribbon sculptures.I used to be a hairstylist. Before leaving the industry after 15years or so to be a mom, I was an Educator for 7 years and loved it! Showing people the process I used to cut hair or the steps to a good consultation and customer service was very satisfying. It made me feel like my work day was making more of a difference in the life of someone. I think that is perhaps one of the reasons I love to make hair accessories and even more, like to show people how to make them on their own through the tutorials!
Edwards & Bella

I've been admiring your craft for a long time, especially your little ribbon people and figures. Could you please tell us a bit more about it ?

Aw thanks! I started making hair bows for Punky after she was born to match some outfits that I would sew for her. It warmed my heart to see her wearing outfits that I’d made and was proud to top it off with a hair accessory that I’d made as well!

The ribbon sculptures came later after my son was born. I had taken a break from sewing and crafting, but found that I really missed it and wanted to get back into doing it all. But sewing was out of the question because of the space needed and lack of space available in my home. I had been surfing online one day and ran across some listings for ribbon art. I thought that it looked so unique! I wanted some for my daughter! But me being who I am, I felt the need to make it myself!!! I was hooked!

The ribbon sculptures are mostly inspired by what Punky asks for. She's the one who says, "hey mom! Can you make for me a barrette with Edward Cullen on it?" and if I think I can do it, I sit down and make it. I am also often inspired by my customers. Several of my designs were ideas from customers!

The hair bows, headbands, clippies, etc. Punky loves to wear them and they are just another fun way to get my hands on ribbon for me. I love to create and work with my hands. It's how my brain works and it soothes me

Mary Poppins

Do you have any new on-going project?

My mind is always spinning with different ideas. I have a long list of tutorials that I’d like to write. Several of them already have the pictures ready, I just need to add the text. Finding the time to sit at the computer to type it all out isn’t always easy!

Would you do commission work?

Of course! I love to work with customers to help make their ideas come to life!

Thank you Wendy. I am sure we will see a lot more of your amazing creations and I wish you all the best for your life and business!

And to you my dear readers, why don't you check out Wendy's amazing blog to find out more about her work and art? She is currently offering a blog giveaway of which the prize you can see in the picture below : a bridal ribbon sculpture! It's unreal, dreamy and beautiful! What a prize! And don't forget to browse her shop for more intersting items and be sure to check out her tutorials. I am so lucky to have a few of her tutorials and I must say, this lady knows how to teach. Wendy, my genie, thank you for being so inspiring!!!


I am so chuffed my bridal bouquets've been featured in two Etsy treasuries since today.

The SIMPLY WHITE treasury features my ivory ribbon rose bridal bouquet

The GREEN WEDDING treasury features my fabric ranunculus and roses in peach and light green bridal bouquet

So if you feel them treasuries are so pretty as I do, give it a few clicks to see better what inside, especially with the GREEN WEDDING TREASURY you will get to see fabulous items of my fellow crafters of the ETSY WEDDING TEAM , please click on every single item aseverything is beautiful! Who know your clicks mightbring it to Etsy front page! It's ashamed if precious treasuries remain hidden (as usual LOL).

I would like to say big big thank you to TickledPinkKnits and Nekiko for making elegant treasuries with such a good taste. Why don't you click on the links above to visit their wonderful shops? Nekiko offers cute and fun jewellery and TickledPinkKnit sells her unreal, gorgeous knitwears and accessories. I am sure you will be thrilled!