Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Isn't this pretty? Many thanks to Go Against The Grain who created this beautiful treasury!

My vintage inspired Shabby Elegance Bouquet is featured again amongst greats items from other talented Etsy Wedding Team Members. Please click on the picture to see this treasury and click on every single item. With your click you might bring it to the front page. And don't forget to check our curator's store . She didn't feature herself ( Etsy allows the person who makes treasury to feature one item from their own shop!) - how noble - but her shop is amazing!
Yeah! Check our team out. Search Etsy Wedding Team on www.etsy.com You won't be disappointed!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009


I love making this small wedding accessory! The imagination can go wild with so many different materials. Here are some of my designs- more to come soon!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Meet Shawn who brings joy onto children hair :-)

I wanted to do this long ago but I was too busy. Now I am glad I can start to do this : featuring my fellow crafters every week in this weekly interview "hairbowswonderworld's weekend guests"
Our first precious guest this weekend is Shawn from Shawnmu97 on Etsy

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a SAHM of 3 wonderful kids, Will-12 and twin girls Emily and Kailey 4. We currently live in Alabama with my wonderful husband, Curtis. I love to read when I get the chance. I design hair accessories and I sell on Ebay and Etsy

I've been admiring your bows for a long time, especially your fancy stacked boutique bows They are so well professionally made and simply gorgoeus. Could you please tell us a bit more about your work?

Thank you Lynn! I began making hair bows after having my twin girls, like most mothers who couldn't find what they wanted, went looking for instructions. So I started making the little ones but found that I liked and was much better at the big layered ones. It also wasn't long after that my girls were wearing the big ones. About a year later began selling them on Ebay then Etsy. I get inspired by fabric, colors, new ribbons, themes, just about anything.

What do you also make, beside hair bows?

Right now I am just gearing up for some launches on Ebay for Back to School, Halloween and Fall. I am in the works of my own website. So be looking for that in the near future. I am slowly teaching myself how to sew. So who knows what that might bring! I also want to add a few more items to my hair accessories beside hair bows and woven headbands.

Would you do custom work?

Custom orders are always welcome!

What is your favorite item so far?

I have a couple of favorites but I think my favorite would have to be the Olivia the Pig bows that I just did and have lsited on Ebay as we speak.

Thank you Shawn and good luck with your business and new website. We will look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations!!!

And to you my readers, if you have a moment spare time just click on the links provided above in this post or her blog to see Shawn's children Hair Bows World. As a fellow bow maker, I admire how beautiful her hair bows are, every single one is a piece of ART, I love how perky her loops are, how perfectly symmetrical every bow is. The way she coordinate colours and patterns, the way she uses the centers, all make her bows a kind of perfection, yet they're fun. And every new bow she makes always brings me (who think she's seen it all LOL!) surprise. Shawn I love your work and I am sure you will be more and more successful in what you do.

Friday, 26 June 2009

GREEN, WHITE and RED Wedding :-)

My items has recently been featured in three beautiful Etsy Wedding Treasuries !


features my

sweet gardenia bouquet


features my

Summer Breeze Bridal Bouquet

and is a great selection of items from Etsy Wedding Team's members shops.

Please come check those treasuries out and click on every item as every single one is beautiful!

(So sorry the treasury is expired - every single item was lovely - I love all those dramatic red! You still can find those item by searching 'Etsy Wedding Team' on Etsy)features my Red Rose Fascinator

Many many thanks to glitzyevents, Mikiye and HydrogenHippie for making those wonderful treasuries!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Yay! I've been featured


Etsy Wedding Street Team: Accessorize your hair & more: An interview with Hair Bows Wonderworld

and here:


My Shabby Chic bouquet is available here :


The Eclectic Artisans Team: "Myth & Magic" Team Challenge - YOUR vote counts!

The Eclectic Artisans Team: "Myth & Magic" Team Challenge - YOUR vote counts!

Please come check the link about for our EART Team challenge! And don't forget to vote for your favorite items.

Here is my entry

Your Highness, long ago I heard my father tell that there was in yonder castle a princess, the most beautiful that ever man saw; that she must lie asleep there for many. many years; and that one day she will be awakened by a king's son, for whom she was destined.At these words Prince Florimond felt himself afire. he belived, without weighing it, that he could accomplish this fine adventure; and, spurred on by love and ambition, he resolved to explore then and there and discover the truth for himself.Leaping down from his horse he started to run towards the wood, and had almost reached the edge of it before the attendant courtiers guessed his design. They called to him to come back, but he ran on, and was about to fling himself boldly into the undergrowth, when as by magic all the great trees, the shrubs, the creepers, the ivies, briars and brambles, unlaced themselves of their own accord and drew aside to let him pass......"

A cluster of white sheer organza roses surrounded with white marabou and ostrich feathers under a net of clear crystal garland on silver wire. Hidden in the middle is a huge and beautiful clear crystal, waiting to be explored, loved and awakened.

Monday, 22 June 2009


Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding.... I love the Fall with all of its rich, warm, rustic colours. Needless to say I love to design for Fall Wedding!!!
I always love Pink and Brown, so here came some new pink and brown designs. In "Espresso of Love" I used dusty Pink and chocolate brown coordinated with sparkling gold for an unreal dreamy antique look, but yet there is still something modern in it. That's the reason I love this one. I feel it so elegant and sparkly!


Bridal bouquet

Bridesmaid bouquet

In this "Raspberry Mocha" I used however more "earthy colours". Still based on Pink and Brown, I added in here some diffrent tones of Plum and Tan. Chocolate brown pot pourri filler was a new find, too. It added in the bouquet a sweet coffee smell and a kind of half funky half vintage look. I also love the green in this palette.

OK, Pink and Brown are very inspiring, but talking about the Fall, we must also talk about those sunny warm gorgeous Orange, Yellow, deep Red and Purple . So here came some more Fall designs.
I used more of a pastel pallette in 'Rustic' - Yellow, Peach, Pink, Coral Pink, White with Roses, Peonies, Lillies and Ranunculus for a 'pastoral' look but really gave it a 'Fall Spirit' with diffrent types of grass and raffia. And a big deep orange raffia bow.

The colourful, rich and warm orange and gold can be found here however in "Fall...ing in Love". Actually there are all sorts of Fall colours here, a party of yellow, gold, soft gold, orange, deep red, burgundy, lavender and purple. I used burgundy satin ribbon to wrap the stems and old gold organza for a bow and streamers. Again ther flowers are roses and ranunculus. The ranunculus is my new design, too. Totally made out of 100% cotton fabric, each ranunculus has about 60-80 petals, each petal is cut by hand - so much labor and time consuming but the effect is great!

If you're interested in my bouquets, come check back my blog from time to time. I've got more Fall designs to come soon.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Showing off some recent orders :-) and some new designs

So finally, my annual holiday is coming soon, I still have just a few big orders to fill in then I will be off for a month in my well-deserved holiday. I've been really busy, that's why I've abandonned my blog, what a shame. Here are some pictures of some of my recently shipped out orders which I was quite happy with.

and here are some of my new designs since last blog post :-)

Oooooh! I was on a roll !!!!

I can't believe this. Last week three of my bridal bouquets find their ways to Etsy treasuries, all in a day! I must say I love every single items of those beautiful treasuries and feel so proud about my items being on them together with other members's of two great etsy teams Etsy Wedding Team and EART team . Search 'etsy wedding team' or 'EART TEAM' on Etsy for beautiful handcrafted items! You won't regret it!!!



Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Eclectic Artisans Team: EART Giveaway Time!!!

Well, I am so sorry I didn't post the May giveaway the 18th of May as scheduled. The reason is I am participating in this great giveway event of my new wonderful etsy Team : EART TEAM - The Eclectic Artisans Team. So you still can win my price which you can see in the above picture. I just don't host it here , please just check the following link, you'll have a chance to win so many wonderful different prizes of EART TEAM MEMBERS The Eclectic Artisans Team: EART Giveaway Time!!!. You have time until the 7th of June to enter.
My June giveaway will be posted the 18th of June as normal :-)
Have fun and good luck!