Friday, 30 April 2010

VINTAGE JEWEL BOUQUETS and a small gift for my blog readers

I really wanted to show off my newest bouquet made of Sarah Coventry Sunflower Brooches and earrings as I mentioned in previous blog post as (being honest) I really wanted to get some exposure for it once I listed it in my Etsy store. Well, before got time to blog about it, it's sold! Anyway I cannot help posting it here as I like it so much. So here is my TREASURE bouquet.


Fairly big compared to my previous designs, this bouquet consists of many brooches and earrings signed Sarah Coventry , in beautiful pale gold tone with a gorgeous amber glass stone in their centers. I am no expert but many jewellery sellers call this design 'Sunflower' while others say 'Sunburst'. Well no matter what its name is, it's beautiful. Thinking of autumn brides, I added to the bouquet many vintage brooches and earrings with amber/topaz rhinestones and with a dash of lime green / citrine colour.

To make it look more like a real treasure, I added plenty of very pale bright gold fresh water cultured pearls and top it off with the most gorgeous vintage rhinestone pin bumble bee.

Treasure ( backing & handle)

The backing was made of luxurious soft saddle coque feathers in matching colour. The handle was slightly padded for extra comfort while holding ( and for a perfect smooth and round look), then wrapped with gold satin ribbon with a charming bow accent. In the center of the bow twinkles a cute vintage rhinestone button.

I simply loved it when it came out.

Magic of Love

And here is another good news. After this 'MAGIC OF LOVE' bouqet in white and silver is sold, so many people asked me to duplicate it. I was not so sure. Now I am able to make this MAGIC OF LOVE design again. Well it cannot be exactly the same - all vintage jewel bouquets are One Of A Kind! But I've found enough Sarah Coventry 'Summer Magic' brooches and earrings for another bouquet and most importantly I found the beautiful bohemian leaves again, just enough for anoher bouquet. I don't think I can get these gorgeous leaves again once more.

If you like my vintage jewel bouquet, you might want to watch out for new designs. Three new bouquets are coming . Two of them will be Sarah Coventry inspired bouquets again and one will be in the same style as my 'BOLD RAINBOW' bouquet ... but better. Oh I do really hope it gets better and better :). Oh and yes, if you're a daisy fan you must check it out...

Now here is the 'small gift' bit! As I am not able to do a giveaway for this month (life is difficult sometimes and I've been too busy, too), I am offering my blog readers $10 off voucher to spend on bouquets in my shop ( bouquets on clearance sale are excluded). So if you order a custom made bouquet or buy a ready made one in my shop please enter 'BLG' in the 'message to seller' while checking out for a $10 refund.

Hope everyone will have a beautiful holiday weekend.

Friday, 9 April 2010


I never thought I'd make it to the Etsy front page. Then yesterday, I suddenly realised my Water Lily Bouquet got 29 hearts in a day. Totally curious, I headed to to see if I am featured. Yay! it was on the front page April 7th, thanks to the wonderful treasury's curator thefabmissb (Check out her cute Blog - I just love her write-up and all the stories) and all kind people who clicked and commented!

It was a super nice surprise to me, and I was so happy. But more wonderful, I suddenly remembered that a while ago I once noticed that one of my statement necklaces: SUNLIGHT got quite a few dozens of hearts after just one night. So I checked that listing to see what date it got so many hearts - it was March 19th. So I came back to craftcult, looked for the vault and for the front page lists the 19th of March and guess what I found!

It was indeed on the front page the 19th of March and I totally have no idea about it! I love the trasury, bright and cheerful. It was created by ChristinaPerdue ( Check out her shop for beautiful Fine Art Photography)

I called yesterday a Happy Day :)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

MAGIC OF LOVE - a new bridal bouquet with Sarah Coventry's enamel flowers

As I mentioned in my Water Lily Vintage Inspired Bouquet blog post earlier in March, here is another bouquet inspired by Sarah Coventry. Totally blown away with her amazing designs, I coudn't help buying her vintage enamel flowers. Hunting for them became my new addiction :)
Almost all the flowers in this bouquet are Sarah's with just a few exceptions. Even the small white enamel and silver tone metal leaves are Sarah's, taken either from a brooch, earring or necklace. And the majority of them are her brooches and earrings demi set 'SUMMER MAGIC'

So the bouquet is set totally in white and silver, with some sparkling rhinestones. I was quite lucky to get the last 8 vintage metal ivy leaves in silver tone, which were made in Bohemia. My supplier was not quite sure if he could get more of them! Anyway, they came beautifully together with the enamel flowers and when I added them to the base of the bouquet, they really formed a beautiful shape and texture.

I wrapped the wire stems of the bouquets with white satin ribbon (I didn't forget to pad it lightly before for a holding comfort) and made a simple bow. I was about to wrap the stems with some white fabric with silver patterns, but then I thought the simpler the handle is, the more special the flowers will look. And when it came out, I thought I was right.

However, to help it to look not too plain, I added a beautiful vintage rhinestone brooch in silver setting to the handle. It sparkles lovely.

What do you think? I love this bouquet because of its shape its colours and also the name. Being able to catch the light superbly , this will sparkle a lot, but in its elegance. Easy to match and stay fresh for you for a life time - this will cherish you forever - what a lovely memory of your sweetest day.

This is now available in my Etsy shop.

If you like this bouquet you might want to look out for my next bouquet made of Sarah Coventry flowers - TREASURE OF LOVE - I will post it here soon :)

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Googled my shop name today and found my PASTEL CHARM bouquet here :-)

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