Wednesday, 30 November 2011

1st of December !!! $100 of my Fall Fiesta Brooch Bouquet

Happy December everyone!

I am giving out one $100 discount voucher to use on this bouquet, today only! Simply check it out and pay with paypal leaving me a message in the 'message to seller' window with the code FIESTA1ADVENT to receive $100 refund through Paypal. Offer ends 00:01 December 2nd (GMT) so if you want the bouquet please make sure you grab it today - If you check it out after 00:01 December 2nd (GMT) it'll be on full price! This is OOAK and can't be duplicated...

Because it's Christmas! Hairbowswonderworld's advent calendar will start tomorrow with massive discount offer. Come join us to celebrate!!!!

Come join us to celebrate! Our advent calendar will start tomorrow Dec. 1st and each day we will give out one discount voucher ($100 or $75) to use on one of our bouquets (see below). Please note one bouquet per day only and when it's gone it's gone. Please head over to my Facebook page for details!
Thank you all friends and fans so much for your support throughout the year!!!