Friday, 9 April 2010


I never thought I'd make it to the Etsy front page. Then yesterday, I suddenly realised my Water Lily Bouquet got 29 hearts in a day. Totally curious, I headed to to see if I am featured. Yay! it was on the front page April 7th, thanks to the wonderful treasury's curator thefabmissb (Check out her cute Blog - I just love her write-up and all the stories) and all kind people who clicked and commented!

It was a super nice surprise to me, and I was so happy. But more wonderful, I suddenly remembered that a while ago I once noticed that one of my statement necklaces: SUNLIGHT got quite a few dozens of hearts after just one night. So I checked that listing to see what date it got so many hearts - it was March 19th. So I came back to craftcult, looked for the vault and for the front page lists the 19th of March and guess what I found!

It was indeed on the front page the 19th of March and I totally have no idea about it! I love the trasury, bright and cheerful. It was created by ChristinaPerdue ( Check out her shop for beautiful Fine Art Photography)

I called yesterday a Happy Day :)


  1. Congratulations on making the front page twice this spring. I was on twice last fall and one of the items sold. I hope you have at least as much luck. Your items are gorgeous.

  2. wow Lynn! What an honor! But no surprise, you work is always front page worthy!!!! I hope someday to be on the front page!

  3. Thanks so much Cathy and Wendy. I am sure I'll see yours there, Wendy!