Tuesday, 10 August 2010

EVERLASTING LOVE - Alice in Wonderland inspired rose brooch bouquet. Image heavy!!!

We had a fun photoshoot last weekend and I've just received these photos. Love them all!
This bouquet is totally 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired. It took me so much effort and time to collect enough vintage brooches and earrings for this bouquet. The difference is that all of them are roses. I made this bouquet in a tear drop style but I gave it a heart shape. I call it " Everlasting Love"

And to match I made a huge silk red rose sash/brooch for the bride and a small red silk rose bouquet for the bridesmaid.

I would love to tell more about these babies but I guess a picture's worth thousands words. Thank you so much Monkeygraphy team.
Hope you enjoy the photos and have a great day everyone!

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