Monday, 14 June 2010

CREAMY EDEN - personalised vintage brooch bouquet

Here is another new creation of mine : CREAMY EDEN - a personalised bridal bouquet made of vintage brooches and earrings and more...

This bouquet is made of a collection of vintage brooches and earrings in all shades of yummy cream, with a little bit of gold accent and well, may be a tiny bit of french vanilla or milky coffe :). There are some quite old pieces dated back to the 1940's which I love! It was actually really hard to part with my carved celluloid flowers - roses and some lacey ones but I thought they'd go really well in this bouquet, so may be this is a better place for them.

To match with the cream theme, I used many cultured pearls also in shades of cream in the bouquet which make it shinier, and creamy tulle here and there for a dreamy look.

The bouquet is surrounded by beautiful hand ruffled light cream jacquard ribbon and backed with plenty of matching light cream tulle for a 'petitskirt' effect.

The handle is wrapped with the same jacquard ribbon and at the end of it a beautiful shiny cream habutai silk bow is attached (this is however detachable if you choose not to have it).
The most interesting part of this bouquet is that it can be personalised. The other day I came across two very old vintage cameo settings which I couldn't just go pass. In fact this bouquet was firstly inspired by those oldies! I made two tiny paded cushion-likes to fit in these settings so later on I can offer my brides to hand-embroider their monogram and wedding date on them.

Look at the above picture! I try to photoshop it so you can get an idea how the bouquet would look in the end. Well, I will be embroidering it by hand and those cushions are small so I am afraid you you can't choose the font - it'll be my handwritting :) but I am sure it'll be beautiful - I have been hand embroidering sice I was 8. You can choose the colour for the monogram, though.

What do you think?
If you want this, you're welcome to visit my Etsy store now an then, I'll list this bouquet as soon as I find some free time.

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