Thursday, 27 May 2010

EDEN OF EVE - Vintage brooch bouquets with SARAH COVENTRY ' Flower Flattery'

This bouquet is now on its way over the pond to a Minneapolis bride. I was almost sad to let it go. You can laugh at me but I love it so much I can't help but bragging about it here :)

I call it Eden of Eve, I don't know why, that name just came to my mind when I was making it and sticked there. I had the vision for this bouquet long long time ago when I first saw this Vintage Flower Pin 'Flower Flattery' signed Sarah Coventry and couldn't help buying it. Then started a long time patiently and enduringly looking around and collecting these very hard to find flowers - brooches and earrings.

And finally I found enough for a bouquet yay! Almost all of the brooches and earrings are the 'Flower Flattery' but I did use a 'Black Diamond' (again signed Sarah Coventry - it's so beautiful) Flower Pin in the center for diversity. To add more texture to the bouquet, I used several vintage flower pins and earrings in matching colours, some are with rhinestones to add more sparklies, I also handwired plenty of Czech gold glass pearls and natural cultured pearls with gold plated wire .

The effect was surprisingly great. The bouquet was then backed with hand ruffled gold satin ribbon, the handle was lightly padded for more comfort while holding and wrapped with beautiful jacquard ribbon with floral pattern. A sheer irridescent wired ribbon bow finished the look.

I almost forgot about the beautiful bee fluttering above the bouquet on a wire stem. That was the most beautiful vintage openwork bee brooch I've ever seen. After the wedding my bride can easily remove the bee pin (which is in perfect working order) and wear it while still keep the bouquet for a great lovely memory...

I hope my bride will love this bouquet as much as I do - I can't wait for it to arrive in her hands.


  1. Hi!

    I am looking for brooches just like the ones in this bouqet to decorate a dress. Can you point me in the right direction as to where to purchase them?

    Kind regards Lena

  2. I would like to have the same bouquet for my wedding, just a few changes in the the textures, adding some lace in ivory, not white... Could you please let me know if i can have the same?