Friday, 28 May 2010

GARDEN OF HAPPINESS - A serie of flower brooch bouquets

The last winter in the UK was just too long. It was still cold after Easter - I just couldn't believe it! So, desperately longing for the sun, the warmth of Spring/Summer when flowers blooming everywhere in your garden, I made this vintage brooch bouquet and called it 'Garden of Happiness'. I tried to include in it all possible fresh, cheerful colours and gave it a neat and innocent round shape, immagining about a happy, bubbly bride walking down the aisle. Soon after I listed it in my Etsy shop it's sold to a nice guy from the Netherlands who wanted to give it to his wife-to-be in a late May wedding.

Garden of Happiness I

The next day I received an convo from an UK bride from Brighton. She was watching that bouquet and she said she was 'gutted to find it's been sold' and she asked me if I can create another bouquet of that kind for her July garden reception. This lady will be wearing a red dress.

I planned to make a similar bouquet for a comming photoshoot anyway so I said yes. I just needed to change my plan for the bouquet a little bit, adding some red to include her colour in the bouquet and eliminate all the baby pink because this lovely lady doesn't like pink. She said she just loved colour and sparkle and that she loved the shape of my bouquet and the fact that I used colourful flower brooches, not just any shape sparkly brooches. I added a layer of blue tulle backing to the bouquet which shows a bit under the flower cluster, that reflected some blue flower used in the bouquet and softened the look of very bright colourful colours. That's how 'Garden of Happiness II' was born :) I loved it when it came out and more importantly, my bride loved it when she received it.

Garden of Happiness II

I made the 'Garden of Happiness III' between filling orders. Tiredness can make you so uninspired and believe it or not, my brides are too important to me and every item of their order should be a work of art, so I tend to stop when I feel uninspired . Playing around with those brooch bouquets with so pretty colours always makes me feel fresh again and I can work much better after that.
This bouquet number three is the one I love the most amongst those three. I am totally in love with its colours, the pins and earrings I used in it are close to perfect. My favorite are all the gorgeous and tiny glass lampwork rosebuds which I handwired into small clusters. These make the bouquet so lively.

Garden of Happiness III

If you like what you see here, why don't check my Etsy shop the Garden of Happiness III is still there...for a while...

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