Thursday, 6 May 2010


I always dream about them, wishing I can go exploring them some day and get to see and enjoy a wonderful world of exotic flora and fauna.

A few weeks ago I saw these beautiful lady amherst tail feathers and could help myself buying them. Then I received these beautiful pink fresh water cultured pearls in special shapes from a very special order. I started to hear an improvisation in my head, and it sounds : 'tropical orchids'

Above is the bridal bouquet which I came up with - ivory silk orchid flowers with ivory lace lips and the pink pearls centers, graceful leaves made of light gold/champagne dupioni silk, salmon pink hackle feathers and burnt peacock herls for extra textures and 'forest' feeling, and of course the magnificant lady amherst tail feathers for the exotic factors.

More lace to wrap the handle and of course beautiful ribbon to finish it off. This bouquet is super light weight and I found it kinda charming. So glad to see how it came out, I went on to make this below mini hat/fascinator to match.

Both are available in my Etsy shop now, so if you like them, come check them out!

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