Friday, 17 June 2011

GINA & JOE Wedding

I posted this in my Facebook Fan Page a while ago but I'd like to share this with my blog readers, too. I simply love this wedding so much.
Gina came across my brooch bouquet GARDEN OF HAPPINESS #5 last year in August and she found it matched perfectly with a vintage button she'll use for her dress. She told me she have a spring wedding and her bridesmaids have dresses from Anthropologie and they are a mix of color combos: yellow, black, green, purple, pink and yellow. The only thing she'd like to change is the colour of the backing and handle wrap and I said yes I'll do it. So the light rainbow colour sheer ribbon was replaced with green polka dot ribbon and cream sheer ribbon with gold tiny dots. The bouquet travelled well over the pond  and Gina was happy. She said in her feedback left for the transaction
" Lynn was wonderful to work with! She was very open to making slight adjustments and willing to give me various ribbon options. She was also prompt in providing me with photos in order to make the best decision. The bouquet is the perfect size, colorful, tons of fun, and will add so my charm to my vintage inspired wedding next spring. Thank you for making my day even that much more special ;)"

She told me she'll send me some pictures of her wedding in April this year. And here are what she sent (see below). I was kind of 'gasp' when I saw these beautiful photos.  JenniGracePhotography did a wonderful job capturing all the magical moments. 

Here is her wonderful slideshow

Thank you so much, Gina and Joe, for sharing with us your priceless images and thank you so much, JenniGracePhotography for taking these fantastic pictures.
Wish you all the best!

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