Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vintage Wedding Styled Photo Shoot - A Day to Remember!

Finally, THE shoot we did recently is featured on Rock 'n Roll Bride today! We are doing the happy dance. Thank you Kat for having us!!!!

I always call the day  Mandy from Saddleworth Shindigs convoed me on Etsy my lucky day!!! And it was!!! And I always thank my lucky star to let her found me on Etsy. Back in March Mandy told me she was in the process of arranging a vintage style photoshoot with a mega talented photographer, which is hopefully going to take place in April/May and asked if I would like to join in on the party and bring some of my bouquets to the shoot. Of course I said yes...pretty was my first time and I was so excited. Mandy told me she has a vintage china and props hire company in Saddleworth near Oldham  and she send me the links of other members, too, so I can have a peek.  I was totally impressed with what I saw. I love Mandy's stuff and she has such a good taste. Her styling is second to none and her photos are just as good. I think she can be a great photographer herself! 

Then I saw Andrea's  ( from Andrea Ellison Photography ) Blog. I was not only in love with her photos but her beautiful wordings often made my eyes watery. Finding Claire's Etsy shop
was a great experience for me. I was mermerized by her fine art photography and indeed am now saving for one of her print. But later on, looking at her blog, I was not less impressed at all with her portraits. And now she's officially a wedding photographer! Can't be any better!!!

I love cakes, but I must say after seeing and tasting Helen's cupcakes, I am now officially addicted.  It tasted as great as it looked so we were fighting ourself miserably to decide - to eat, or to keep! Love her miniature cakes and overall adore her sugar flowers. They are so real. If I didn't tell you you'd say these roses are real! Helen has far more wonderful stuff on her Website but I will leave you the joy and excitement to find out yourself.

I met our make up artist Hannah and our model Amelia on the day of the shoot. Beautiful, gorgeous figures and sparkling characters! Charming! Just charming! Hannah runs her own make up business and I am sure, wedding or special occasion,  you will feel totally relaxed with lovely Hannah and you will look great and be the centre of attention. Amelia was just as lovely and she modelled as a fish in the water. Just looking at her was so joyful. Amelia just opened her Blue Velvet Vintage Store in Frodsham packed with lovely things and her online store is coming soon. I wish her much success (not that she needs my wishes - she'll be very successful anyway :)
So we started to plan this photoshoot since March and in late April we still haven't sorted out the venue and the dresses. Just a few days before the day we decided to shoot, stepped out Simon from Willington Hall and Amy from Honey Pie Boutique . Isn't it just like in 'Cinderella' with a happy ending? We then had gorgeous dresses, exploding red petitcoats, sashes and a heaven on earth. Willington Hall was just a dream. Beautiful and romantique, full of vintage flair. Just an hour drive from busy Manchester it's another life. I had fresh air enough for a month long!!!

And there I met Jo from Jo Rutherford Photography . Broad, warm smile and helpful hands! Later I took a proper look at her page and I absolutely adored the way she played with the light in her photos. They're ALL stunning! Jo offered photograph lessons for beginners, too, and you better check out her fan page often to see if she offers a next time! I bet it'll be fab!!!.
We had a lovely day at Willington Hall, working hard, laughing hard, and feeling a lot! Sun, Rain and Wind took turns to visit us - funny we had everything in one day. For me it was a great experience to meet the people I admired in flesh and to work together. Yes, it WAS a happy day!!!

Thank you so much, my friends for making this happen and I hope we'll do another shoot together again, sometimes?!!!

Thank you my blog readers for reading this far. This is MY story and below is a slideshow of the photos we did. If you want, please drop by Claire's blog, Andrea's blog, Mandy's blog or Helen's blog to read their sides of the story! I am the worst with words here so I am sure you'll have much more fun reading theirs!
Full set of photos are in my facebook page!

Still can't believe it we are now


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