Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Earlier this year I was contacted by a bride, who wanted to send me some fabric with floral prints with which I would make her a few flowers and boutonnieres. I was pretty skeptical about the whole project because I didn't see it at once in my head. The flowers are for her bridesmaids and flower girls dresses which are made of the same fabric with ivory silk overlay, and the boutonnieres are to match the boys ties in blue floral print faric. And some other boutonnieres to match the bridesmaids, too.
After a few attemps, with Kieran's help I came up with a version which seemed to be acceptable. Kieran said 'OK ship it'. We didn't have much time, so I shipped all the flowers and just kept all my fingers and toes crossed that she'd like them in person.
Recently this super sweet lady got back to me saying 'The flowers were a hit, everyone loved them!" which was a huge relief to me. And she sent me her lovely wedding photos.
I know this post is image heavy, but I can't help posting all the pictures. How I love all of them. The wedding's so COOL! I am SO in love with this rustic wedding with a vintage twist! Love all the details - all went so well together. Everybody looked so happy. It seemed all were having fun and enjoying it so much. And of course Kieran was so beautiful in her pretty dress. She was blooming!
Thank you so much Kieran for the lovely photos. Wish you guys all the best !!!
PS: Oh I almost forgot, this lovely and talented lady owns a photography bussiness herself in beautiful sunny Queensland Australia. If you're around and getting married you must check it out, she's amazing!

PPS: Oh and I almost forgot again, these are the flowers I made for her :)

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