Monday, 11 October 2010


A few months ago while wandering the net I came across this blog post from The Period Movie Review blog. I was totally mesmerized by the pictures and the atmosphere they created. There came an idea about a Mari Antoinette inspired bridal brooch bouquet.

Source: The Period Movie Review
It took me quite a long time to find the ingredients for this bouquet. I searched low and high for vintage flower pins and earrings in cream and champagne but I didn't find anything beautiful or special enough. Then one day I came across a beautiful set of flower pin, earrings and bracelet in light gold with crackle cream enamel paint and I knew immediately this was what I was looking for. The crackle paint gave a super nice and dreamy antique look. In the end I used the earrings and the bracelet to embellish the bouquet handle.
I started to look out for vintage enamel flowers in light gold with cream crackle paint. Needless to say there were not a lot of them out there and it took me a long time to find enough of them to make a statement for the bouquet.
Then began the hunt for matching flowers and rhinestone jewel which would come in harmony with what I've already had. The main colours are gold, champagne, cream, beige and off white.
And after a long waiting time and painful labor, here it is:

I gave the bouquet a beautiful ribbon loop backing. The loops are made of gorgeous cream sheer wire edged ribbon with gold thread woven in. I wrapped the handle with light cream habutai silk and added a layer of light cream lace ribbon on top, then embellished it with vintage lace trim, the link bracelet and the earrings mentioned above. The handle itself just screams classy!

If you're planning a vintage wedding this is for you. Pair it with a cream/champagne or even nude pink flower hair piece and a birdcage veil, it'd be perfect! Keep checking back my blog, I'll post THAT hairpiece very soon... :)

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