Thursday, 29 October 2009

EART TEAM BLOG RING : How do we cope?

My constant thought is always that why I don't have 10 pairs of hands and 48 hours a day! I guess it's the same story for us somehow, being wife, mother, artist and business woman at the same time. This week the EART Team Blog ring dicusses about how we manage to find time to create & be on an active Street Team & still have a life offline?

This is not easy! I used to have lots of troubles with this and get upset as I could not accomplish all my goals. Desperate to find more quality time for my children and taking care of my family, and sometime for myself to keep me sane, I started to think really hard bout it, trying to find a solution.

So I started to write down what I do and the time I start and finish. Guess what! I could not do it properly as I postponed to complete tasks. So, first tip: Never postpone! For example, I used to check my email in the morning - with my morning cofee, reading through the whole lot, knowing that I need to reply but thought - I'll do it later! Wrong move! It took me quite a lot of time to go back to those emails again to reply. Sometimes I didn't go back as I ran out of time so I would need to log back again in the afternoon. Now I answer my email right away if I need to and if I can when I finish reading it. Of course this is not only about emails!

Second tip: Don't set my goal too high! I used to set many tasks in a day for myself to complete. Then in the end of the day when I saw there was no way to complete them, I would get desperately stressed and things got even worse. I now plan to do a little bit less than I can . So when I complete my check list and still have sometime I can do some extra as a bonus for the next day. That way, everyone in my family is happy :-)

Third tip: Use any help available. I try to get my children involved in some housework but make it fun for them. I get help and they're proud that they can help. They learn a lot while playing. All are happy. They especially love helping in the kitchen and tidying in my craft room :-).

Finally: try to set specific amount of time for your work, your family and yourself and keep them balanced. Of course, sometimes in busy seasons when I was buried with orders I'd need to work over time in the night but I tried not to take the time I set for my familly.

PS: I almost forget the last (but not least) thing! Control your online time. Internet is SO time consuming and can be so additive. Don't log in ALL day. Make a time table for the internet to suit your need and stick to it!!!

If you are interested in how other EART TEAM members manage to be productive and still have their own life, please check the next blog of the ring

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