Saturday, 17 December 2011

Advent Calendar day 17 : $100 off my ANTOINETTE MAGIC III brooch bouquet

Sorry we're late today so the offer is extended to 10:00 Dec. 18th :-)

As featured on Perfect Wedding Magazine  (issued Oct 2011)

Designer signed vintage brooches, tons of sparkling rhinestone, cream and gold, fir for Marie Antoinnette herself!!!

$100 discount on this bouquet, today only!

Simply check it out and pay with paypal leaving me a message in the 'message to seller' window with the code MARY17ADVENT to receive $100 refund through Paypal. Offer ends 10:01 (GMT) December 18th so if you want the bouquet please make sure you grab it today - If you check it out after 10:01 (GMT) December 18th it'll be on full price! 

You can find it here :

Photo creditAndrea Ellison Photography -
Vintage Props: Saddleworthshindigs -


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