Monday, 28 December 2009


I am suddenly in love with this type of statement necklaces made using the fabric rolled roses . It seems I can't stop making them LOL. Here are a few designs available in my Etsy shop together with some matching hair accessories now. There are quite a few more to come, though.
Making these necklaces is so much fun. I love to form these cute roses and combine colours and I also love to collect beautiful vintage elements to add to these necklaces.

Here are some of them modelled so that you can have an idea about the necklaces's actual size (A huge thank you to Y and V who help modelling these necklaces for me BTW).

Here is one of my favorite necklaces so far : an ivory dream

which recently found its way to a dreamingly beautiful Etsy treasury:

This type of necklaces is sure a hit currently. It can be worn in many occassions and makes a great gift, too. So if you are interested why don't drop by my Etsy shop to have a look or to take a double advantage of worldwide free shipping and special introductory price ( Offer ends December 31st)
Don't see the colours you want? There is nothing simpler - just convo me for a custom made one. I love custom orders. You design and I make it for you, or simply let me know how you want it, I'll design something to suit your needs.
Hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!

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