Friday, 11 December 2009


I must at first apology. This post should have been up since yesterday, but I misjudged the time somehow, being super dizzy as I stayed up until 4am the night before last night to complete a bridal order. I am so sorry if I've broken the ring -I thought today is thursday! Brrrr!

Anyway this week, our team blog ring talks abour colours. What colours are our favorite and if it's difficult to step out of the colour comfort zone for crafting

Well I must say cannot answer the first question, that makes the secon question non applicable for me either :-) It's almost like when being asked 'what is your favorite composer, your favorite book' for me. I cannot answer those questions simply because there are so many and I cannot decide which one I love better or best! It depends on my mood, different circumstance and so on...

When I craft I start with the material and its texture and colour suggest the design. Most of the time. I guess that way it's made my life much easier with bridal custom orders. Most of the brides come to me and say : my colour scheme is this and this and this...and I want my flower/ bouquet/butonniere made of fabric/feather/ribbon etc. All of these themself would already draw a sketch in my head how I should do it.

That's to say I love all colours I don't have a comfort zone, or in other words I feel comfortable with all colour and I love to be able to bring different colours together,play with them in a colour palette which suit our needs.

Want to know how other EART team members think about colours? Continue to read our blog ring at Michelle's Charm World's blog

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