Sunday, 20 September 2009


Yes, this is 'Calypso', a new bridal collection from Hairbowswonderworld's. A while ago while ordering some materials for my brides's bouquets, I came a cross this ivory sinamay and suddenly I felt an urge to buy it. I didn't even know what I were going to make with it but I kept coming back and thought I must have it. That's how I bought it. The mini green trocus I bought few weeks ago, also with the same reason were still sitting on my craft table. And suddenly I thought those will go nicely together, may be for a beach theme. Sinamay roses ? seashell flower? Suddenly I thought of Calypso, the sea nymph who with her charm imprisoned Odyssey in her island for 7 years. Now I've got a name. Yay!!! I started to feel so excited!

Now, the question was, what should I add to those flowers as sparkling elements and something to soften the look of those shells and the sinamay roses? Some crystals, some feathers, what colour should they be? My brain ran fast and fast, and I started to visualise the bouquet in my head. Aqua would be a perfect coordinating colour, aqua in different shades!

I was a hard time waiting for the aquamarine swarovski crystals and the light aqua goose biots I ordered to come. I had no patience and I jumped up everytime the doorbell rang, longing for the lovely postman :-) And they came finally in a perfect condition. And I made this bouquet the same day, adding some more clear crystals for a perfect sparkling look and wrapped the stems with deep aqau satin ribbon.

I was so thrilled as I absolutely loved it, and it came out exactly the same as I viualised it before in my head.
The fact is that I loved it so much I could not stop there. So I made a bridal headband to match

and a boutonniere, too.

Available in my ETSY store


  1. Thanks Shawn. How are you all my chicks? I think I'll drop by the board soon to say hi. Miss you all.