Monday, 20 April 2009


OK, not as usual, this post is devoted to food :-) This is my favourite pasta salad. Quick and easy to make, fresh and yummy. And I am glad my family loves it too I always make it when I am filling bows orders and don't have much time to cook.

So here is my recipe : ( for 4 adults)
You'll need:
* Salt
*5-6 table spoons cold pressed olive oil
*White pepper

*200gr Penne
*A bunch of fresh Basil
* 5-6 table spoons Balsamico/ Red wine vinegar

250 gr fresh Mozarella
*6 Tomatos
*150gr cooked ham (slices)

1/ Cook the pasta in slightly salted boiling water following package instructions. Drain and cool.
2/Drain the mozarella and cut into slices (as pictured)
3/ Cut cooked ham slices into strips
4/Wash the tomatos, quarter and remove the seeds and cut into strips

5/To make the dressing, mix balsamico with a litle bit of salt, pepper and a bit of sugar, then add the olive oil. Mix carefully.
6/Wash the basil leaves, leave aside some for the garnish, and chop the rest finely and add to the dressing.
7/Marinade the pasta, tomatos, ham and mozarella with the dressing for about 30 minute, mixed well in a salad bowl , covered.
8/Taste it again if you need to add some more salt or sugar.
9/ Add the garnish.
VOILA`! Your salad is ready!


  1. looks delicious! And, is there anything you can't make into a flower??? :)

  2. Thank you Punky. About the flower ... bad habit I guess LOL :-)