Sunday, 19 April 2009

MARCH GIVEAWAY ~ and the Winner is ....

It was a beautiful sunny day today, I decided we'll do it in the park.

So I quickly prepared all the "ballots" and put them in a box - my old empty jewel box with a mirror which my (now 7 months old) son likes very much. We headed to the park and we did this when my girls played soccer with their daddy.

I shaked the box vigorously :-) then put it on the blanket. He turned himself over right away when he saw his favourite

Then I opened the box for him
He started to play with those tiny pieces of paper

He took two fists full of those tiny pieces of paper. Those in his fists made to the second round LOL. I removed the box, and took the ones in his hands and put them again on the blanket for him to play. This time he picked only one.

And the winner is :

Greenhouse Butterflies


Thank you very much to all of you who participated. Please come back and check out my April giveaway. I'll post it soon tonight - more cute prizes to come every month @

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