Wednesday, 11 February 2009


This is one of my new designs. I hope it's still not too late for Valentine this year posting this How-to today and I hope you enjoy it :-)

To make a Valentine love bird you will need :
*Grosgrain ribbon :
- PINK : 1.5" width : 3" length for the body; 3/8" width : 2 pieces x 1" length for the legs, 1 piece 2" length for the tail
-RED: 7/8" width: 7/8" length for the wing; 3/8" width : 3/8" length for the beak
-1small googly eye or black scarp ribbon for the eye

You also need
- pair of scissors
-hot glue and hot glue gun
-a lighter
-a pencil

Step 1/ Fold the big pink ribbon (meant for the body) in half as is shown in Pic.2, press firmly to obtain a decent crease. Follow the red line in Pic.2 and use your scissor to cut the ribbon to get a triangular shape.
Pic.3 shows what you've now got.

Step 2/ Open your ribbon. The broken line in the middle of your ribbon (Pic.4) shows the temporary crease you made in Step 1. Follow the red line in Pic.4 to fold the top right corner down, so that half of the top edge of your ribbon will stay exactly on top of the crease. Press firmly several time to get a decent crease.

Step 3/ Look in Pic.5! The top ribbon edge on the right hand size now stay exactly in the middle of your ribbon. Now we call it middle line. Fold your ribbon so that the right side outer edges will stay exactly on top of the middle line , press firmly to get a crease. The broken line in Pic.5 shows you the crease. Now apply hot glue to the area with black dots, fold the ribbon again at the crease and glue it down.

Step 4/ Pic.6 shows you what you've got now. Do the same with the other side of the ribbon.

Pic.7 shows you the result.
Step 5/ Open your piece (Pic.8) and turn it inside out you'll get what is shown in Pic.9
What is shown in Pic.9 should be the front of your bird's body

Step 6/ The back view should be like this (Pic.10). Now use your lighter to heat seal the top edge. Follow the black line in Pic.10 (place at about 1/3 the length of the left side part as shown in Pic. 10) to fold and use your lighter to run along the fold until it's hot and use your finger to squeeze until you get a permanent crease. You may want to use cotton bandage to cover your fingers to prevent them from the heat. You've just made a hump with the crease. Now fill hot glue in the bird's body as is shown in Pic.10, full to the top to make a hot glue flat surface.

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